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Many homeowners are unhappy with their current bathroom set up. However, most don’t know how to renovate their bathrooms themselves. They may not know where to start, let alone know which company they can trust.
Trying to struggle through home renovations without understanding what you’re doing only causes more problems. Before you know it, a simple repair or fixture replacement winds up costing you far more than it should. When you need only experienced shower renovation contractors, you need to call FRAMELESS SHOWERS.Whether you need a brand new frameless shower screen or need remodeling services, we are here for you! We offer more services to help you with redesigning your shower the way you’ve always wanted it to look.
Whether you need a new shower or hardware, or need to replace plastic shelving and soap caddies, we can help you with all of your renovation needs.

Frameless Shower Screens

We design and install quality frameless shower screens. From custom-made to classic styles, all of our shower screens are made with Australian 10mm Grade A toughened safety glass.


Mirrors are essential for bathrooms but can also add a sense of style and sophistication to other spaces. At Frameless Shower Screens, we understand the importance of having a mirror that is appropriately sized and shaped. It has the power to change the look and feel of a room.


We install splashbacks in a variety of rooms including kitchens, showers, bars and feature walls. They not only reduce damage and clean-up time but they can also act as a contributing feature to the décor of a room. We use 6mm toughened clear or starphire glass. Starphire glass doesn’t have the greening that is in standard clear glass making it the ideal choice for colour matching when using whites or other light colours.
Our splashbacks are carefully measured and installed to fit perfectly. We can also apply power point cut-outs, light and tap holes, and corner and side notches. These features will allow your splashback to be more functional in more areas.
We attentively listen to all of your requests and provide you with our expert advice and the most effective design



Back painted glass and glass shelving are great additions to any bathroom. Back painted glass adds an extra bit of color to an otherwise boring room in your home, with striking paint on one side of your glass. And with glass shelving, you are able to store your soap, bottles, and shower accessories without needing poor quality hanging racks.
Whether you’re tired of your old tub and shower system or are planning on completely redoing your bathroom, you won’t find a better team for your needs than us! We have the right tools, equipment, and experience to offer you top quality work faster than anyone else. When you need someone you can trust with your bathroom installation services, you just need to call us!
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